Frequently Asked Questions

Where can you get IntegraShield?

IntegraShield is only available via dealership and installation on new and used cars.

How does IntegraShield work?

IntegraShield is a sophisticated chemical compound that bonds to the windscreen on a molecular level creating a smooth surface that repels water, ice, snow, dust, and grime. The smooth nature of the sealant also reduces night glare and the distracting halo effect you see around lights at night. IntegraShield also strengthens the glass, which can protect it from cracks, chips, scratches, and pits.

Is IntegraShield different from other products on the market?

Yes, other products on the market claim to protect your windscreen, but they often wash off or wear off with time. Inferior products may even discolour, blister, or peel as they age, reducing your visibility and driving safety! IntegraShield is truly a unique product, because it does not wear off, wash off, or warp over time.

Do I need to continue cleaning my windscreen after applying IntegraShield?

Yes, your windscreen will still get dirty. With IntegraShield you will notice that your windscreen and other covered glass are easier to clean. Snow and ice will slide off easily, saving you time, while dirt, grime, and bugs will wash off quickly.

Is this product safe for the environment?
Yes, we do not use any chemicals in this product that are harmful to the environment. IntegraShield meets the toughest environmental regulations.
Has this product gone through any research or independent testing?
Yes, our chemists spent three years, developing and testing IntegraShield before bringing it to market. A study conducted by the University of Michigan’s Transportation Research Institute found that the use of hydrophobic products, like IntegraShield, improves visual awareness. The study concluded, “This experiment showed that these products significantly improve driver visual acuity and response time.”
Is it legal to use IntegraShield on my windscreen?
Yes, all states outlaw window tinting on a windscreen but IntegraShield does not tint a window or obstruct visibility. Therefore IntegraShield is legal to apply in all states of Australia.
Can I purchase IntegraShield online?

No, IntegraShield is exclusively supplied to Dealerships. Only trained technicians are authorised to apply IntegraShield to windscreens.

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